The Poulton Playing Field and Allotment Charity (PFAC) Trustees are looking for a new clerk. The clerk’s duties are mainly secretarial: producing meeting agenda and minutes, preparing annual accounts, etc. The committee meets quarterly. It’s a great opportunity to get involved and help to shape the future of Englands for the benefit of all in the village.

As a bit of background, PFAC was first registered as a charity in 1961. The aim of the Charity was to assist those in need, hardship or distress in the village. In addition to the original objective, the Charity now also oversees the management and upkeep of Englands playing field, the allotments and a further parcel of land to the west of Englands.

For further information please contact Caroline on 01285 850429 or e-mail pfactrustees@gmail.com


Poulton Playing Field and Allotment Charity (PFAC) was first registered as a Charity in 1961 for the benefit either generally or individually of persons in need, hardship or distress resident in the area of Poulton, Gloucestershire.  In addition to its original objective, the charity now oversees the management of the land known as ‘Englands’ which is actively used as a playing field by both the Poulton Cricket and Football Clubs, and as open space for the village. Part of the land is also used for allotments which are rented to tenants in the village on an annual basis, and a further section of land is currently rented as agricultural farmland.

The Englands playing field has been developed into a great asset for the village since it was given in trust in the 1970’s, and has been further improved by the building of a modern sports pavilion which was constructed as a Millennium Project with funding provided under several sports related grants. The Pavilion is used by the sports clubs, but is also available for residents to hire and has (limited) alcohol and events licensing in place.

The Charity works in partnership with the Englands Management Committee who are responsible for the day to day management of the playing field and pavilion. The Trustees meet on a quarterly basis.


Chair: Fredrik Folkestad
Trustees:   Claire Turner, Paul Burnip, Roger Davies, Caroline Allanson Clerk: vacant

Telephone: 01285 850429
Email: pfactrustees@gmail.com

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